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Orange Krush Legal Bud/Weed REVIEW | Get High - Legal Highs
Orange Krush December, 14th 2010 by admin

Orange Krush Review

Orange-KrushOrange Krush is a legal weed that packs a powerful punch. Its sweet and spicy bud when smoked gives a flavor explosion and a lasting high. It may sound like a Fanta ad, but this South American blend is certainly worth trying, although not for the faint-hearted. Keep Reading for the full Orange Krush review.

What is it:

Orange Krush is a legal bud made from a potent blend of herbs with a slight citrus tang. You’ll smell the slight orange aroma as soon as you open the bag. It’s a great legal bud for summer, with its refreshing flavor. It’s just as effective the rest of the year. This blend from South America promises to give you a legal high. Its sweet and spicy citrus tones give great a flavor.

What’s in it?

Orange Krush Bud is made up of 100% legal weed ingredients. All of them are found in the Peruvian jungles. Like many things from South America, it’s bound to give you a good time.

What high will I get?

Orange Krush is possibly one of the most potent kinds of legal bud out there. If you want a high that affects body and mind, then Orange Krush is perfect. Numbness, relaxation, and tingling are all sensations we found. We actually thought this legal high can feel overwhelming, so if you are after something strong, then this is your pick. If not, then make yourself a cup of tea and go to bed. Many describe Orange Krush as giving an energetic and excited feeling.

What do I do with it?

You sit back, put some music on, then smoke it. You might want to make some popcorn before you start. It’s also good for those that use vaporizers.

Is it legal?

Yes, Orange Krush is legal in most places. Check the laws in your state to avoid the federal police knocking on your door in the middle of the night. You shouldn’t operate heavy machinery after using Orange Crush, so give your forklift keys to someone to mind. You’ll have to walk home! Also, it’s not a good idea to use if you’re pregnant, or underage.

Where can I buy Orange Krush Bud?

Get High found the best place to buy Orange Krush Bud was:

Remember to consume Legal Highs with responsibly.

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