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Get High on California Poppy - REVIEW REVIEW | Get High - Legal Highs

California Dreaming Review

Get-high-2California Poppy is closely related to the Opium Poppy, and is a very strong legal high, nothing more needs to be said I think you get the idea. Time to get high. Keep reading for our full review.

What is it?

California Poppy sold as “California Dreaming” is a plant grown by the native people of Vanuatu and smoked for it’s strong calming effect. The native Vatu people used California Poppy as “pain relief” until modern medicines became available in the 20th Century. In recent years it has been rediscovered and made available to westerners. As you could imagine it’s gaining popularity fast.

What’s in it?

It’s just straight dried plant, no additives or other herbs are added. Not much is known about California Poppy as the herb is hard to grow and therefore study.

What high will I get?

You don’t really get high as such, just more the strong relaxed feeling you would get with illegal drugs like weed. Good legal high to have on a friday. People have all reported euphoric effects but we will have to do some more research on this, damn *sarcastic*.

What do I do with it?

Smoke it by itself or add it to tobacco. You can also brew it as a tea, we preferred it this way. Pregnant women or children should not go near the stuff.

Is it legal?

It’s currently legal, however it’s starting to attract media attention because off it’s increasing popularity. You know as well as me the more attention the more likely it will be make “illegal”.

Where can I get it from?

Get high found it being sold at:

Remember to get high!

Algerian Blend
Algerian Blend

Big Chiefs Choice
Big Chiefs Choice

California Dream..
California Dream..

Happy Clappy
Happy Clappy


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  • Jayden says

    I live on a farm in Alberta, Canada and there is an abundance of California poppies growing all around my house. They were here when I moved here and I never would of guessed I could get high from them. I have very bad insomnia and I was looking around on the Internet and found out about the effects of california poppies. So I went outside and picked a few and dried the seeds and petals in my oven then rolled them into a joint. After smoking it I didn’t feel much so I rolled another then smoked it. About ten min after I began feeling very relaxed and my mind was completely blank and everything was very peacefull. I very much enjoyed the high though it was short lived because I soon fell asleep. I had a deep sleep and when I woke up I felt very tired but it seemed to of had no side effects. All in all it was a pleasent experience but defenatly something I wouldn’t use recreationally. I would recommend trying it out just for the experience.

  • JJay says

    They Jayden that’s pretty cool dude. I wish has it growing around my place. Gotta thank GetHigh for mentioning this legal high, maybe more stores will stock as this is stuff is hard to get.

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