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Jamaican Gold - Legal Weed Review REVIEW | Get High - Legal Highs
Jamaican Gold December, 14th 2010 by admin

Jamaican Gold Review

Jamaican-goldJamaican Gold is a smooth blend of all legal bud. Called the ‘smoke of the Gods’, it’s considered the premiere blend for those looking for a legal high. If you’re looking for an all round good smoke that will get you feeling relaxed, Jamaican Gold, is a great choice of legal weed. Keep reading for the full Jamaican Gold review.

What is it:

Jamaican Gold is a blend of five herbs that have been carefully selected and hydroponically cultured to give you a legal high. The result is a very pleasurable smoke and a great buzz.

What’s in it?

Wild Clip Dagga – Native to South Africa, dagga is traditionally brewed into a tea for its relaxing properties.

Leonurus Sibiricus – Native to Asia, this herb has been used in traditional medicine as a sedative for hundreds of years. It’s also had plenty of recreational use during that time.

Kanna – a psycho-active herb from South Africa, in controlled doses gives a slight buzz and a feeling of relaxation. It’s used by native tribes as a hallucinogen.

Sinicuichi – this herb traces its history back to the Aztecs, and has uses as a muscle relaxant and hallucinogen.

Lactuca Virosa – a herb with mild psychotropic and sedative effects. It’s sometimes called opium lettuce, due to having similar effects to this drug.

What high will I get?

Jamaican Gold gives you a relaxed mellow buzz, paired up with smooth and pleasurable taste.Very relaxing legal high. You will get pretty sh** faced on this stuff.

What do I do with it?

Just relax, man! The best thing to do is to roll it up in cigarette papers. Sit back on a sunny afternoon with your favorite Jamaican Rum on hand and enjoy. You can smoke Jamaican Gold anyway you like, really. Avoid heavy machinery after use, along with bobsled teams.

Is it legal?

Jamaican Gold is an all legal bud, with a few exceptions in some places. Make sure it’s okay in your country before you order. Don’t be smoking this if you’re pregnant or underage.

Where can I buy Jamaican Gold ?

Get High found the best place to buy Jamaican Gold was:

Remember to use legal highs Responsibly. Have Fun.

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