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KRONIC Smoking Blend - Marijuana Alternative REVIEW | Get High - Legal Highs
KronicOur Choice April, 7th 2010 by admin

KRONIC Smoking Blend Review

kronic tropical explosion oz KRONIC Smoking Blend ReviewWe have had quite a few requests from readers to Review KRONIC smoking herb that is in popularity in Australia. I took us a while but we recently got our hands on (donated to review by XtremeHerbs) a pack of KRONIC. The strength of Kronic has to be experienced to be believed. KRONIC is best described as a Legal Weed or Marijuana Alternative, so called because they are not yet illegal but just a strong as the real deal,  KRONIC would be the closest thing to legal weed on the market in the Australia & New Zealand Region. Keep reading for a full KRONIC review.

What’s in it?

The full list of ingredients in KRONIC can be found on the back of the pack. The herbal blend of ingredients in KRONIC are quite powerful by themselves so it’s no surprise that the overall combination is mind blowing. This is a true Marijuana Alternative. Oh, you can get KRONIC in different flavors we haven’t been able to test them yet, but I am sure the original blend is still the base.

What high will I get?

Everyone has been writing in asking “how strong is KRONIC?”, “what is KRONIC like?” so we are going to do our best. First off, It is strong, take a few rollies of KRONIC and you will be faceless. This is not a legal high to underestimate and think people won’t notice a change in your behavior.  What is it like, well I don’t  want to compare it to illegal highs but it would be described as a cross between California Poppy (Still Legal) and Marijuana. Those of you that have never tried these highs, imagine the feeling relation mixed with sensory disruption and sensation (e.g. shivers up your spline). Would be perfect for a Party, after work or just to relax.

What do I do with it?

You roll it up and smoke it….sorry to state the obvious (people do ask *bashing head*) . For the full effect ensure KRONIC you don’t use a filter and use proper papers. Make sure you follow the warnings on the pack, Pregnant women, People with heart or blood pressure should stay away from KRONIC.

Is it legal?

Unfortunity, Kronic is now banned nationally. Many strong Legal Highs are still legal, including Opi-8, California Dreaming and many others are available from Xtreme Herbs.

Okay, with the bans what can I still buy that is as strong?

You will be hard pressed finding supply of KRONIC, however hope is not lost, you can still buy many other strong “herbal smokes” that have escaped attention from the below herbs retailer. Look out for Opi-8, California Dreaming, Tottentot Trance, Merlock’s Magic Mix, Happy Clappy and Marijunilla. They are always selling out so you may have trouble getting supply. They are about as strong as you will find at the moment.

Xtreme Herbs Australia (Ships to anywhere in the world) > search button KRONIC Smoking Blend Review

We would like to thank XtremeHerbs for their kind donation of a selection of their Party Pills and Herbal Blends for review and testing. We have been very impressed by their unique products and their confidence to allow us to write this review. Good to see a company that takes pride and confidence in the quality of their legal highs.

Remember to get high and we hope you enjoyed this review!

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