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DIABLO Party Pills REVIEW | Get High - Legal Highs
Diablo March, 24th 2010 by admin

DIABLO Pills Review

diablo-party-pillsThe DIABLO Party Pill is gaining popularity as the legal alternative to ecstasy, weed and ice. A strong natural herbal combination of herbs that packs a powerful punch. With a kindly donated sample of Diablo from Aussie Party Pills we couldn’t wait to review and test this product. We where impressed with Diablo, and this maybe, just maybe be one of the strongest Legal Highs in pill form on the market. Keep reading for a full review of Diablo.
What’s in it?

As will all Aussie Party Pills Products a full list of ingredients in Diablo can be found on the back of the pack, a courtesy not given with illegal drugs. The indredients are all natural, with the active herb being geranium extract. I have had products with this ingredient in before however they never packed this punch, so therefore in this case it’s more about the combination in Diablo more than just one ingredient.

What high will I get?

Well, if you could imagine your limbs feeling heavy, total relaxation and a mind blowing overall euphoric feeling then you have an idea of what Diablo is like. It’s something that should be experienced to be believed.

What do I do with it?

Well it’s a pill, so let your imagination go wild. Seriously this Diablo is best taken on an empty stomach and about 1hr before you want the effects to set in. We found it was also effect on a full stomach but I would recommend a empty stomach to gain the full effect.

Is it legal?

Yes, 100% Legal. No problems with getting the order through customs. Hopefully this will remain legal for as long as possible.

Where can I get it from?

Get high found it being sold at:

  • Aussie Party Pills (Ships Internationally) > search button DIABLO Pills Review



We would like to thank Aussie Party Pills for their kind donation of a selection of their Party Pills for review and testing. We have been very impressed by their unique products and their confidence to allow us to write this unbiased review. Good to see a company that takes pride and confidence in the quality of their products.

Remember to get high, hope you like  our review!

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